Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Masters of the Universe: Caverns of Fear

Recently I showed my 3 and 7 year old daughters a couple of Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power episodes and it instantly captured their imagination. They got out all of my old He-Man figures and started playing with them and my wife and I bought them some She-Ra figures to go along with them. To feed their desire of He-Man/She-Ra stories I found a bunch of old Masters of the Universe books on tape/record online in mp3 format and collected as many as I could find.

My kids and I enjoy listening to these during the day. We only have one of the actual books, so the rest of the audio files are kind of like listening to OTR (old time radio) shows. It's real theater of the mind stuff, but my kids love it. Their new interest has re-kindled my love of all things Masters of the Universe and I'm on the hunt again for old figures and such. Below I have for your listening enjoyment a link to download of the audio version of the book "Caverns of Fear" in mp3 format. I'm embedding a video someone put up of the pages of the book that play along with the audio. It's quite enjoyable I must say.

Download the audio to "Caverns of Fear"!