Thursday, March 21, 2013

The League - Guilty Pleasures

This week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers was suggested by Derek. A while back, the League's geek confessions topic unearthed some serious cans of worms, and I think this week’s topic might dig up a few more…

Guilty Pleasures

I must admit that I feel pretty steadfast in most of the geeky things I like. However, there are those things that sometimes slip through the cracks that I'm certainly less than vocal about. I mean I can't let my minions know I have an area in my armor that is a little suspect. What is suspect you ask? One of my guilty pleasures... watching the TV show Gossip Girl.

In all honesty I had never heard of the show until about a month ago. My wife suggested we check it out. She'd heard some things about it and thought it could be just corny enough to be enjoyable and something we could make fun of for a good laugh. Now on many levels it's just that. Something for us to watch, scream at the TV, laugh and ridicule the characters. The problem is that I'm half-way into Season 3 now and I want to keep watching it. I'm enjoying and looking forward to watching more. I think what I find so appealing is the on-and-off like-able characters, the scheming and double crossing. Friends betraying friends when they know a secret, exposing people for their own personal gain. I LOVE it. Plus, as cheesy as it seems the wrap around premise that there is some super secret blogger that people relay their secrets to and "she" posts it for everyone's enjoyment I really like. Hell even now just writing about it makes me want to watch more. I think I need serious help... or a complete jump-the-shark train wreck of an episode to even get me to stop watching.

So now that my secret is out the question is, what fellow blogger will use this information to orchestrate my destruction for their own personal gain! Who among my friends has been secretly plotting to un-throne me via some Gossip Girl scheming?!?!? I'm Queen B... just try to top me!!
XO XO You know you love me!!

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