Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Planet of the Apes - Power Records
Volume 2

Hello all! I have for your listening enjoyment the Planet of the Apes Volume 2 audio stories that were originally released by Power Records in 1975 or 1974. This was released as a record for children and probably older sci-fi fans of the series. This is Volume 2, which has new "original" stories that are based on characters and such from the film series, but are not the stories from the films. The Volume 1 are the stories based directly on the films.

These came with comic books to read along with to the audio you hear, but what I have for you today is just the audio. I've seen the comics, but I really prefer to listen to them like I'm listening to an old-time-radio show. In that fashion they work quite well, you let your imagination take hold and form the pictures for you. If you are Planet of the Apes, old-time-radio, or 70s children's records fan I highly suggest grabbing these.

There are four apetastic stories on here:
  • Mountain of the Delphi
  • Dawn of the Tree People
  • Battle of Two Worlds
  • Volcano
Download Volume 2 here!