Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Karate Kid Part III

Hello all! I've been meaning to put this up as a companion post to my friends The Cult Film Club's podcast discussing The Karate Kid Part III. This is probably the least popular and least liked of the Karate Kid films. I'm ignoring The Next Karate Kid and the Karate Kid remake here. Those are far worse. This flick just doesn't have the same feeling as the previous installments. I like where they were trying to take the story, it just didn't work.

Now, I'm coming down on this flick kind of hard here. It does have some bright moments. One of them being the character of Terry Silver. He's awesome! Just a great villain. When he's on the screen I'm really into the flick. He's so sinister and off the wall that it's really a memorable character. The other great aspect to the film is the soundtrack by Bill Conti. This really is well done and retains the magic of the previous films by hitting those familiar cues but with some subtle and new twists to make it quite enjoyable. So my dear friends what I have for you hear is the Score and Various artist soundtracks and a link over to a fantastic discussion by The Cult Film Club, if you are a fan of the Karate Kid films give their podcast a listen.

"What's his name - Miyagi - and that punk kid - I'm gonna get them for what they did to you. They made you suffer, so I'm gonna make them suffer... and suffer and suffer and when I think they've suffered enough, then I start with the pain."

Download the soundtrack here!

The Cult Film Club podcast: The Karate Kid part III

Normally I like to put the trailer to the films I'm discussing here, but really it's not all that great. So I'm opting to go with one of my favorite scenes in the film. ENJOY!