Friday, September 27, 2013

Woolwoorth's Store
Halloween Commercial

Here is an old TV ad for Woolworth's "one-stop-shopping" for your Halloween needs. They have costumes, candy and spooky sound effects records for any great party. I have to say those costumes are horrible looking. I never liked those crappy plastic masks and costumes that seemed so popular back then. That Ben Cooper brand and their ilk were just awful to me on all sorts of levels. I mean look at the Holly Hobbie costume in this ad, what in the hell is that?!?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tales from the Darkside
Anniversary Dinner

We are now entering Autumn and that means that you are going to see Countdown to Halloween posts creeping up on my fellow bloggers blogs and websites. If you not hip to the Countdown click on the badge to the right-side of my page. The badges have a great Monster's Cereal look this year. Basically it's a way to get our community together to one of our favorite times of the year and post any and all things Halloween related, spooky or what-have-you.

I invite you all to check out one of my favorite "Tales from the Darkside" episodes called "Anniversary Dinner". The story here is about an old couple a few days away from celebrating their wedding anniversary. They continually talk about how it might not be the same since they don't have any children around anymore. As luck would have it a runaway girl looking for a loving family arrives at their doorstep. This episode I didn't see when it originally aired, but I tracked it down after reading a great write-up about it on the old X-Entertainment website.