Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dark Dungeons - Chick Tract

Many years ago my wife and I came across some Jack Chick tracts. It had been years since either of us had seen them. I had forgotten about them completely up until that point. For the uninitiated they are a series of small two/three panel comics put out by what I believe to be an extreme Christian by the name of Jack Chick. Many of them are over-the-top and completely ridiculous and in turn hilarious. My wife bought me a ton of them and after reading through them we found there are some that are so classic and others not so great. Of the many I've read now, the one called Dark Dungeons is an all-time favorite.

Dark Dungeons is about the dangers of playing role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. It's about some kids playing, seemingly unsupervised by their parents, with adults in the neighborhood. These adults just happen to be a witches coven and are recruiting kids to their cult through the game. They claim to be able to teach the kids real magic. Two of the girls in the story are heavy into the game. One girls apparently is casting spells to maker her dad buy her D&D game stuff and the other friend died in the game and is so saddened by this... kills herself. The other friend apparently sees the error of her ways. Below is a video someone put together with some sinister music, a computer voice and visuals from the comic. Enjoy.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Sideshow Cinema Extends to Facebook

Well at long last my Sideshow Cinema blog has a new tentacle. I'm extending myself into the world of Facebook. The reason is sort of two-fold. One reason was to add another avenue for you boys and ghouls to connect with me and add weird pop-culture items into your Facebook news feed. I thought it would break up the normal boring fare your friends post, pictures of kids, how many miles they ran and the like. The other reason is that my own personal FB page didn't feel so fitting for most things I like to post about, the average friend on there I don't think finds it to be their cup of tea. My page is relatively new so I don't have a lot of posts for you to dig back through yet.

You might wonder why I say my new Facebook page is a another tentacle, if all you know about is this blog. Well friends I'm out there in some of the other social media arenas too, Twitter, Instagram and my movie review site that shares the name of this blog.

Join me friends... Sideshow Cinema on Facebook!

Monday, March 03, 2014

She-Ra - "Too Long At the Fair" Book

Just yesterday my wife was at a local grocery store, of sorts. Along with food they have an area with books for sale. She found this perfect/never used copy of She-Ra: Princess of Power "Too Long At the Fair". We're guessing somewhere these were sitting in a wherehouse for 20 years and someone unearthed them to sell here. Whatever the reason it's a very cool find. My daughters are big She-Ra fans so they were excited to get this book.

Overall the book is pretty enjoyable, as far as standards can be for a Golden Heroic Champions book based on a toyline and animated series. The bar tends to be low generally in this area. The artwork I like quite a bit because they characters seem to closely match their Filmation counterparts instead of the actual Mattel toyline that just didn't feel as defined as individual characters.

The story is about Adora asking Castaspella to come to the rebellion's festival that they have going on. Castaspella initially tells Adora she can't come because the festival date corresponds with a magical day in Mystacor where she must make sure she stays at the stroke of midnight to say some magic words and retrain her throne there. She warns that if she's not there her evil cousin, Allepsatsac, will have the opportunity to take over. She as you can guess is Castaspella's opposite. Backwards name, backwards morals, backwards outfit, the whole deal. Adora assures her she'll be back in time as the festival won't go so late. Castaspella agrees to show up, but Catra and Allepsatsac, were listening in. They hatch a plan to take over Mystacor. The plan hinges on Catra's henchmen going to the rebellion's festival and continuing to asking Castaspella to do more magic tricks, which sort to keeps Castaspella tied up for the whole evening and under a spell of performing. She-Ra figures out a way to snap her out of the spell and gets her back to Mystacor before all is lost.

Like I said, an enjoyable story, if not a bit corny. I'd rather they use standard characters from the She-Ra universe. I think Shadow Weaver would have been cooler to see here trying to take over rather than this identical/backwards cousin angle. Castaspella and Allepsatsac makes me think it's like a Patty Duke Show kind of thing... "cousins... identical cousins!"