Friday, October 10, 2014

Wolfmen of Mars - A Light in the Corner of Your Eye
Brand New Album

Boys and ghouls, I'm digging this post back up from the grave, because we are into the Halloween season. I originally posted it in May, but I think it's deserving of your eyes and ears. Having aptly themed music for this time of year is important to me and Wolfmen of Mars bring that vibe in spades. So if you step forward, give them a listen and you may find it's just what you are looking for!

Hello all! l have some musical news hot off the digital presses. They always entertaining and musically prolific Wolfmen of Mars have a brand new album available today. The album is called "The Light in the Corner of Your Eye" and features their trademark sound of grinding, gritty guitars with heavy doses of synth, which I love. A lot of the music I love to listen to is old 70s and 80s synth heavy soundtracks and the Wolfmen's work harkens back to that era to me, but putting a modern twist on it. That's really what gravitated me to their music years back when I first heard it. As the Wolfmen put it, "It's an apocalypse party and we brought the sludgy disco."

If you are a fan of their work you'll definitely want to check this album out. If you haven't listened to the Wolfmen's work, check out the music samples below. Also I want to note that the artwork for this album is really awesome and very striking. It was done by Patrick Carson Sparrow. My personal favorite track on the album is "Technicolor Rd." That one really captures that vibe the Wolfmen of Mars bring on their albums. Really great stuff!

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