Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Thing (24 Page Read-Along Book/Audio)
Presented by Space Monkey X Audio

EVERYONE, listen to me carefully. Do I have your attention!?! What I have to tell you is something that cannot be missed. Rob Lammie over at Space Monkey X has created one of the coolest things I've seen in sometime. He produced and audio and PDF book for John Carpenter's classic "The Thing" in the vein of the old 24 Page Read-Along book and record sets that many of us had growing up in the 70s and 80s. Historically these sets were for children and so the releases were of family friendly fare (Dark Crystal, Gremlins, Indiana Jones). They would at times use original soundtrack and voice work from the film along with original music and voice recordings.

Back in the "good ol'" days, this was as close as many of us could get to enjoying the movie after seeing it at the theater. Long before all the avenues that we can now track down movies. What Rob has done here is basically create "The Thing" as if it was done as one of these sets and let me tell you, looking at the book and listening along it feels just like one of the old Read-Along sets. He felt that there are some really classic films from that time, that admittedly not being kid friendly never would have gotten this treatment, but would have awesome if they had been created. It's so much fun that I had to make sure you all knew about this. Head over to his website to download the book in PDF format and the audio in MP3 format. Also, drop Rob a comment there and let him know what you think. I'm hoping he does another one of these.

Space Monkey X - The Thing: An Original Read-Along Record Book

MacReady: I don't know. Thousands of years ago it crashes, and this thing... gets thrown out, or crawls out, and it ends up freezing in the ice.
Childs: I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit.
Palmer: Childs, happens all the time, man. They're falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it, right, Mac?