Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tales from the Crypt
Lower Berth

I've really been on an horror/mystery anthology television kick this Halloween season. As I've been digging into my own memory and Youtube I've come across some really classic episodes of television that I liked when I was younger. One of the great series was HBO's Tales from the Crypt which was a really strong series that put on the small screen some of E.C. comics' great stories as well as original work for the show.

One of my favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes is the one I present to you here, called "Lower Berth".  The story takes place in what I believe is the 1940s at a traveling Sideshow that exhibits freaks and oddities. The sideshow owner/barker, Mr. Feeley has a man, Mr. Sickles that works behind the scenes for him because primarily he is the owner of a two-faced man named Enoch, that is the star of the sideshow. Sickles finds that he is a desperate position to keep his job because of some problems with Enoch. Thankfully Sickles meets up with a man that has an oddity he wants to offload for nothing more than a small cut of the profits his exhibit will bring in. It's an ancient Eyptian mummy. The introduction of this exhibit changes the lives of all connected to this. I won't spoil the episode for you, but to say that the final reveal twist is one of those things I absolutely love. Without further ado... ladies, gentleman, boys and girls... look upon the episode the Crypt Keeper affectionitely calls "Lower Berth".

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