Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Deadpool (Official Trailer) 2015

Here is the official, red band, trailer for the 2016 film Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds. There has been quite a bit of anticipation and hype for this film and this trailer. I'm admittedly not versed well on Deadpool. I have always been aware of him, but never read the books so I don't know a whole lot about his story, so I can't speak to how accurate he appears. From fan reaction it seems that they've got the character's look, personality and look of action down pretty closely . The trailer makes the movie look like a lot of fun, and the most intriguing aspect of the movie is that it's going to be rated R as is evident in the trailer. That I think is really cool because all these superheros and villains do live in a violent world, but the movies for the most part keep it very family friendly, even with Chris Noland's Batman movies the violence never seems to take to "that place" and it appears this film will deliver on that.

Since I'm a big rap music fan, I do like the inclusion of Salt-N-Peppa's "Shoop" and DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" in the trailer. It's not the first time DMX's music has been used in film, and here it fits great. X's songs tend to be high energy this track is very fitting. I''m going to embed that DMX track below too as this songs inclusion in the trailer really speaks to my soundtrack love where marriage of visual and music can really make something magical.

DMX - "X Gon' Give It To Ya" (Official Video)

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