Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Carpenter Brut - "Turbo Killer" (Official Video)

I've been exploring some new music artists over the course of the last year, by way of suggestion from the New Retro Wave youtube channel. The new retro wave music scene is highly influenced from the synth pop and soundtrack music from the 80s/90s. Which that style of music is totally my bag. These new artists doing this music has really captured my ear. One of the stand out artists in the genre is Carpenter Brut. I don't know much about him/them, but I suspect the "Carpenter" could be a reference to soundtrack composer John Carpenter.

One of the recently released tracks from Carpenter Brut is the song "Turbo Killer". The video for it is absolutely amazing. The music and visuals are a 100mph homage to the 80s movies and music I love. It has action, monsters, magic, fantasy, sci-fi... it has it all. I can't do the video justice with words. Click "play" below and check it out.